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Corporate Social Responsibility – Where does it begin?

As a person everyone should do charity work. It reflects the humanity within them. Once when that humanity dies, we cannot lead a peaceful life. Charity is in need to help people with needs. If a person is suffering without basic needs, we should help him with food and other basic necessities. Charity organizations are held in each and every corner of the world. There are many good hearted people who are willing to help the unfortunate people. Mostly this type of service can be done by people who are there to help people by profession. One among them is doctor profession. Doctors can work for people with involvement in social activity. They have the highest responsibility towards society in terms of handling people health. The beauty of heart lies in the way you work.

In Singapore, there are many people in need and very few are there to help them. As dr ganesh ramalingam is one among that corporate responsible person with more passion towards helping. He does various charity works and has the responsibility of taking care of every work to process. He is top surgeon by profession. He made his life path into this profession to help unfortunate people. He strongly believes that helping hands are the clean and beautiful with clear soul. He holds a charity to help those in need and supports everyone without refusing. All his life is dedicated to help people with his profession and also with the huge heart. He believes in humanity than earning money.

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