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Difference between Skybell HD and Skybell Trim Plus

Smart doorbells are in trend nowadays and people are increasingly using them in their smart homes. You can find a lot of options for smart doorbells on just click appliances website. Here you will find about several other innovative appliances too that can add magic to your home. Two innovative smart doorbells are Skybell HD and Skybell Trim Plus. Let us check a comparison of both of them.

Things in common :

The design of both the models of smart doorbells is quite different but there are a lot of features that they have in common. If you look closely you will find that the trim plus model is actually a slimmer version of Skybell HD. Both the doorbells have a resolution of 720p/1080p and hardwired power, on-demand live view, two-way audio, motion monitoring as well as multi-user support. There is a quiet mode too in the doorbell that allows you to turn off the chime when you want to rest. It can survive harsh temperatures in the range from -40 to 140 degree F. Other notable features include color night vision, free cloud storage with 7 days history. These bells can be used to their full power right when you take it out of the box. There is no sort of paid subscription for cloud storage.

Differences between Skybell HD and Skybell Trim Plus :

The biggest difference is of the frames per second of the video output. This refers to the speed at which the camera can capture video and it is better to have a high FPS. While the Skybell HD offers 30 FPS, the Trim Plus offer 15 FPS only. Due to fewer FPS, the videos are laggy in the latter smart doorbell and even the resolution of 1080p cannot make the situation better. So if you are looking for a better quality of video of your recordings of the doorbell then you must choose the Skybell HD model.

Another major difference that comes in the two doorbells is the design. The Skybell HD has a modern look with a round shape and there is the name Skybell inscribed on it. With such a beautiful design, it does not seem like a doorbell at all. The Trim Plus version of the Skybell company looks like a traditional doorbell and has a standard rectangular shape. Also, the Trim Plus model is smaller as compared to the Skybell HD. While the Skybell HD has a diameter of 2.8 inches, the trim plus is 1.44 inches wide and 4.8 inch in height.

You must choose the best smart doorbell as per your budget, door frame, and choice. But according to the features described on just click appliances website, the Skybell HD is better as compared to the other one.

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