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FAQs About DesignSpark Mechanical for Beginners

If you want to improve your skills in 3D design, you should consider free CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that goes by the name of DesignSpark Mechanical. The application includes design tools and resources that will take your ideas through final production and implementation.

DesignSpark Mechanical provides an effective solution for hobbyists and practicing engineers alike. Before you get started, it is important that you know basic things about it. Here are the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about DesignSpark Mechanical:

Where can this be downloaded?

You have to know that the software can be downloaded easily through the DS Mechanical Download page on its website. If you are worried about bit (32 or 64) activation, the website also provides step-by-step processes.

How to access the 3D model library?

The DesignSpark Mechanical tool has a 3D model library. Their library puts around 75,000 3D models from different suppliers. You just need to click the icon in the “Design” tab to gain access to the library homepage. If you want to familiarise yourself with the navigation options, it is important that you make use of the featured 3D models.

How to start with the tool?

Right after launching the software, you need to check the “Quick Guide” tab. This is located on the left side. Here, you will see step-by-step instructions to create your design. You can also visit their support center to see DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial.

3D model library

Can it successfully operate on a virtual machine?

There are many users who reportedly operate the software on VMware Workstation 7.x and Player 3.x, and Oracle Virtual Box successfully.

What are the formats available?

You should also know the import and export formats available. The available import formats include OBJ, SKP, STEP (which are read-only formats), ECAD files (like IDF, IDB, and EMN), RSDOC, STL, TXT, JPG, BMP, and PNG. The available export formats include 3D PDF (which are facts only), RSDOC, AMF, DXF, OBJ, SKP, STL, JPG, and PNG.

Is Internet access needed to use the software?

The software is available for use by registered members. Basically, the software will check regularly if the user is still registered. If the software cannot verify the member or user because of Internet connection, they will continue reminding for at least 30 days. After this, they will give notice that the software will stop working after 30 days. With this, it is recommended that the software is always connected to the Internet or at least once every 30 days to ensure that you have an uninterrupted usage.

Is ECAD file important in the software?

You must know that the IDF exported from the DSPCB is composed of two files – IDL (library file) and IDB (the board file). It is crucial that you ensure to keep the IDL and IDB in the same folder. If you open in DSM, you should choose only the IDB file. Keep in mind that the edits will be saved in the software’s native format – RSDOC.

Does the license expire?

For the modules like Exchange, Drawing or bundle), the license does not expire. However, the add-on modules come with twelve months maintenance package, which is included in the price. This will give you access to any form of enhancements to the software’s premium functionality.

Now that you know basic things about DesignSpark Mechanical, it is time that you consider other tools that can help your professional career or benefit the organisation that you belong to. Other tools that you may need include the following:

 1. RPG Maker MV software: if you are looking into RPG Maker MV features, you should know that it does not need deep knowledge of programming and game design to create your own RPG. At the bare minimum, you need to have experience working with scripts. This software allows you to use audiovisual templates, which are created by the developers. Additionally, you are allowed to utilise templates to create everything from scratch. More importantly, it offers an intuitive and convenient working environment.

2. SuperPro Designer software: this is a modeling tool that allows engineers to foresee the future performance of their plant or machine. By utilising precise models of the machines, you can predict the behavior of new machine even in real conditions.

These kinds of software will help streamline operations, automate the manual process and reach to new markets. It is a challenge to find the right software but if take a closer look at your business goals and requirements, you can identify the right one.

It will be easier if you have a software buying checklist. In the checklist, you should articulate what you need for the software to accomplish. Do not forget to ensure that the needs are aligned with whatever professional or business goals you have. More importantly, identify all the potential software solutions and negotiate terms of the contract.

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