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Get Rid of the Silent Killers

You are planning for some major home decoration, refurbishing, and major renovations. But these silent killers (termites) can destroy your effort and money in no time. Pest control and prevention is a major aspect of home management to keep it safe, healthy and beautiful. It also ensures that your investment both monetary and emotional is not destroyed due to pests.

A major threat

Termites pose a major threat and damages billion dollar worth asserts which cannot be covered by any insurance scheme other than effective pest control management. Termite colony consists of millions of members after remaining dormant for years either investing in underground or in wooden furniture inside your home. Regions with humid and warmer climate are more prone to termite damage than a cold arid climate. Spring is the season when they manifest in numbers uncountable. All homes and property are at the risk of structural damage by termites. You need to take proper precaution and action to avert this damage, log on to any popular sites like for more guidance.  Subterranean species are the most destructive type as they thrive in mud and moist wood. They consume wood 24*7 ultimately causing the total collapse of the house. These termites build mud tubes on moving from one place to another. Termites damage the insulation of telephone and electric wires, causing power problems and short circuit. Termites can eat a home without the knowledge of the owner. To safeguard against these pest logs on to

Silver lining

On average termites cause 5 billion dollar damage in US alone leaves aside the rest of the world. The homeowner needs to spend around 3000 dollars on average to repair the damage. But termites can be food for many people. Termites are rich in vitamin a and c and also contain fat. Sodium content in the queen`s body is high, in general termites are a good source of protein and other micro and macronutrients. Termites are natural decomposers and have great importance in ecology. Termites decompose dead trees to make the soil more fertile and help forest to grow faster. Termites when eating wood and timber produce moisture which aerate the soil making it rich in moisture and nutrients. There are no pests like termites who decomposes dead tree so efficiently and put back the nutrients back to the soil which makes it more fertile. Every living object has a role in this planet Earth and termites are no exception in spite of the damage they do. They keep forests clean and play an important role in recycling of dead trees to nutrients, to renew forests.

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