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Sapsan bullet train – the newbie guide

As you all know the Russian rail system is one of the most renowned systems in the world. The most interesting part of this system is they tend to serve each and every cities of Russia. The other important reason which paid way to their familiarity is their safety features. These trains are designed with the most advanced safety features which are quite difficult to find even in flights. Even though these trains hold several facilities and features they are also considered to be the cheapest travel mode. People who are planning to visit Russia for their vacation can consider hiring this travel in order feel a different experience.

Sapsan bullet train

Sapsan bullet train is always the best option for the people who are travelling between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This is an electric train which runs on very high speed. This service was opened in the year 2009 and they run at the speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The important feature of this train is their timing. They are very fast and also very keen in maintaining the timing. They will arrive at right time and will depart at right time. Hence people who are planning for this travel should not make any delay in the arrival.

Why Sapsan bullet train?

Even though there are several mode of transport to travel around Russia, the Sapsan bullet train is considered to be the best. Since this train route covers the most important airports of Russia people who are about to catch their flights can make use of this train. Since the train moves without any constraint like traffic, one can reach their destination on time. Thus, the travelers can travel without any stress. People who are about to hire this train from St. Petersburg must arrive in Leningradskaya Station which is considered as the heart of Moscow.

Facilities in Sapsan train

It can be said that this train is made in order to provide the best luxury to the travels. This is the reason why they are made with enhanced luxuries which will make the travelers to feel blessed. It is to be noted that the train also space for business travelers which has all the facilities needed for a business man during their travel. The most interesting fact is both the first class and second class travelers will be provided with good facilities facilities. Hence one can book their travel tickets according to their budget and needs. The passengers are provided with the enhanced facilities like Wi-Fi connection, entertainment systems, mobile charging devices, hot meals, sofa, tap lights and many. These facilities are provided according to the class tickets.

This train also has conference cabins which will make the right choice for the business people. During this travel, the business people will be treated with a hot meal and soft drinks. They will also be provided with private dinner table and a sofa to get relaxed. Since the train moves smoothly, they will not experience any trouble over their business dealings. Apart from these, the Sapsan train has endless benefits.


It is to be noted that people who are interested in travelling in this train must book the tickets in advance. Since the demand for this travel is high, the tickets must be booked well in advance. People who are moving for a vacation in Russia can plan booking the tickets according to their journey. Booking these tickets is not a great deal that they can be easily booked in online. There are many websites through which this booking can be done before starting the journey. Before booking the tickets in online, one can also check the availability of the tickets and their pricings. Thus, they can book the tickets according to their needs. In case if there is no availability one can plan their trip accordingly. The next important aspect to be noted is this ticket must be booked in the reputed website. One can make use of the following website to book Sapsan bullet train tickets without any constraint To get more information about this journey the reviews in the online website can be taken into consideration.

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