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What are groups in Telegram

Telegram is a powerful social media platform that is used for messaging in groups and direct messaging. It is possible to create telegram groups with upto 100,000 members and so it is an extremely powerful social media tool. To take advantage of telegram groups for your business you can buy telegram group members.Here are some of the key features of telegram groups.

Unified history:

You can even edit your messages after you post them and can delete them for yourself or for everyone.

Availability across cross platform:

You can access your messages via desktop as well as via mobile devices.


Advanced search:

If you have a million messages and want to search for a particular message then the search feature of telegram will come to your rescue.

Hashtags, mentions and replies:

You can keep track of your communications and keep them efficient even within a huge group.


You can mute groups and get notifications for them only if people mention about you or post a reply to your messages.

Moderation tools: Admins can be appointed who can delete mass messages, pin important messages and control membership. Admin privileges can be defined precisely.

Pinned messages:

Pinned messages appear at the top of your chat screen and all members get notifications for pinned messages even if the group is muted.

File sharing: it is possible to receive and send files to other users and groups in telegram. The maximum allowed size is 1.5 GB for a single file and you can even access them instantly on other devices that you might use.

Public groups: You can create a short link or a tiny url for your group and then use it for marketing purposes. Sharing links allows users to view entire chat history and also they can join and post messages too.

Customization of telegram groups via bots: it is possible to customize telegram and create custom tools for specific user needs using their Bot API or inline bots.

If you too want to take advantage of the groups of telegram then you must buy telegram group members.

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