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What to consider before installing a septic tank

Septic systems successfully purify and remove wastewater generated in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. These waste waters can cause germs and other health hazards that need to be addressed to reduce the risk to human health and the environment. Septic tanks are usually a permanent fixture after they are installed, but sometimes they serve as aggregate until sewer lines are drawn.

The septic tank can only be used in separate places, so it is important to know the soil around your property before septic tank installation orlando fl system for your home. Unlike the sewage system, which discharges treated wastewater into a pond, a septic tank uses the soil around the house for wastewater treatment and disposal. For this reason, a septic tank can only be used with soil that adequately absorbs and purifies wastewater. If the soil is not suitable, the wastewater can seep to the surface, causing an unpleasant odor and additional health problems for those involved. In some cases, this can pollute the groundwater.

septic tank installation orlando flLook for soils with smooth, thick, and permeable slopes to get the best spots:

The floor should not be gray, as this indicates a constant humidity, which can cause problems. The soil should also have a good structure, which means that it is easily separated in the hand and broken up into smaller clusters. Avoid sticky clay spots or patches with too many stones near the surface that will impede the flow of water.

You will also need a drainage field, and most one-acre sites can accommodate enough. The exact area requirements depend on the size of the house, the land occupied and the land relief. There should also be enough space to install a septic replacement system if it is ever needed on the site.

After installation, the septic tank requires a certain degree of maintenance. Do not put too much water in the tank, as fifty gallons of water per day should be enough for each member of your family. Do not add chemical materials or products to the wastewater. During cleaning, avoid taking out the garbage too often and do not drain grease or vegetable oil into the drain.

Final thought

It is also advisable to make a chart that shows the location of your septic system. Periodically, you will need to pump solids from the tank. This should occur every few years, depending on the number of people living in the house.

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