Get out of the copy-paste fashion culture with these tips

With all the fashion trends being so easy to access online and in stores, and with every piece having dupes at various price levels, there has been a fashion blend. Most people follow the trends and get stuck in this “copy-paste fashion culture” where everyone looks the same. Whether you know it or not, if you get your clothes from popular retailers every time and just wear what’s on the mannequins, you’re probably there as well. And we’re not saying this is a bad thing, as most of the popular trends are very stylish and well thought out. But if you want to get out of this and wear something more original, this article is for you. We found some very easy-to-follow tips that will make sure you turn some heads the next time you go to a coffee shop.

Second-hand shopping

The first tip might be the most obvious one. If you want to stop wearing what everyone else is, you have to stop shopping where everyone else shops. As logical as that. Going to a flea market, a thrift shop or an Instagram second-hand shop will guarantee that you will find unique pieces of clothing that won’t be in a mall. And with secondhand shopping becoming so easily accessible, you can even do it through the Depop app. Not only will this help you achieve a more unique look, but it’s also more sustainable and cheaper. And if you want to take this even further, you can also DIY some old clothes into new and original ones. You’ll find many ideas for that on Pinterest.

Mixing modern with vintage

Some styles that were popular in the past have made their way back into today’s fashion and are well-loved by the new generation. Mixing some vintage pieces into modern looks is a great way to achieve a unique and stylish look. For example, finding an Aran cardigan in your grandma’s closet and adding it to a pair of jeans and a crop top will guarantee you a casual, comfy, and very trendy look. Cardigans have become popular again recently, but thrifting an old one or even finding some online shops with traditional Aran cardigans as Keilys will take you out of the copy-paste mannequin outfit. We suggest going for a bold color, as it will make the whole outfit pop.

Eclectic accessories

This last step is as easy as it can get. Most people are very afraid to accessorize their outfits properly, choosing to go for a more simple approach. One thing that can take your outfits from plain to original is to use accessories and combine some different styles for a fun eclectic look. We’re talking about some 90’s chokers, colorful earrings, and even some oversized bracelets, as they have recently been brought back. You can have a lot of fun with this idea and it will surely add an original touch to your outfit.