Embrace the Season: Best Colors for Men to Wear This Winter

It seems like men really got the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion, especially for the winter season. Most magazines and influencers recommend sticking to a basic black and brown color palette while men’s collections don’t leave too much place for imagination when creating their new pieces. This winter, however, let’s swap your basic garments for chic clothing in trendy colors that will make you look way more fashionable yet stay warm as well. From classic, neutral tones to vivid pops of color, here are some of the most popular shades for the upcoming season that every man should consider adding to their wardrobe.


This year, the trend for orange shades definitely doesn’t go away once fall ends! The warm, earthy rust hue of reddish-brown is great for those who can’t wait for the warmer days to finally come again and try to wear their looks as colorful as possible. Wearing a full monochrome outfit would be a bold choice, but this hue also works perfectly as an accent detail to make you stand out in the sea of muted winter colors. When putting together your work look, opt for a rust scarf instead of your neutral black and white one and your outfit will get a completely different aesthetic.

Forest Green

With its multitude of shadows and tones, green is the best color for the wintertime, especially fitting the month of December. Among its various shades, forest green always stands out, as its depth perfectly matches the dark and gloomy winter days. Much like the pine trees covered in freshly fallen snow, this deep shade of green brings a touch of nature to your winter wardrobe. Whether you decide to wear it in an evergreen coat, a cozy sweater, or a pair of velvet pants, you will surely exude an air of elegance.


Even though bold colors are all the trend of this season, a winter wardrobe would be lacking without the timeless and elegant gray. This versatile hue serves as an excellent foundation for your outfit, allowing you to dress it up with various tones or keep it neutral when the occasion calls for that. Gray Irish hats made of tweed look especially good during this season, as the combination of the chic color and the intricate pattern of the tweed fabric create a luxurious headpiece perfect for the cold weather. Not only that, but the latest collection of Irish hats for men features different designs in all kinds of shades of gray, so every man can find the one that calls his name.


In case you were looking for a winter color that would be more interesting than the classic red yet not as basic as white or black, mulberry is just the right fit for you. This awesome blend of red and purple results in a deep, perfectly wearable tone for the upcoming season. A mulberry overcoat would be a total killer on the streets, especially when paired with some dress shoes and a tailored suit. However, if you’re not feeling that daring, a knit sweater, a silk shirt, or a thick blanket scarf in this color can also make a beautiful outfit.