Underrated travel destinations for fall 2022

Now that the summer’s over and you are not looking for a beach vacation anymore, it’s time to decide what is a good fall destination. You want a country that has some beautiful architecture, or some mountains to hike. Maybe you want some history and to get a sense of that culture. We got you! In this article, we present to you three underrated fall destinations that have got everything. All you have to do is find a cheap flight and a travel buddy, pack your best outfits and get ready for those Instagram travel pictures.


Poland is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe if we are honest. The architecture, the history, and the beauty of this country are only some of the things that you should consider when choosing to visit it. If we talk about architecture, Warsaw will charm you with the contrast between old buildings and newly built skyscrapers. If you go to the old town, you will see all the colorful buildings, and the statues and you will definitely get a WW2 tour on a bike. Besides the beauty of the cities, Poland has many natural beauties such as the Tatra mountains, many breathtaking lakes, and good hiking spots. This country is ready to show you what you were missing, and we guarantee you will want to go back.


The second destination we chose to present to you is Ireland. It is often that many people forget about how stunning this country is and they often prefer to visit England or Scotland. We are here to convince you that Ireland is the best next destination. This country holds a lot of history that shows through its architecture, it has amazing nature and also, many traditions and well-known preserved traditions. One of the most popular Irish symbols that is now gaining more and more popularity is the traditional Aran sweater. These sweaters are part of Irish history, being knitted with meaningful stitches just as they were back in the day. Before you visit Ireland you can get your own Irish sweater online https://www.tarairishclothing.com/  and be ready to know the culture. Or you can choose to buy one from Ireland and bring it home as a reminder of your trip. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that this destination won’t disappoint you.


This country is starting to become more talked about in all the travel blogs and everyone advertises that you should visit it before it becomes the next go-to destination. Albania is the best place for all nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts as it has stunning beaches and breathtaking mountains. As a huge plus, Albania is a cheap destination, so you don’t even have to save up for a year before being able to take this holiday. All we can say is enjoy this historical and nature-rich country.