Video Games And The Lessons They Teach Us

It’s true: the video games industry is a multi-million dollar money making machine. So much so, that industry experts now reckon it will be worth at least $300 billion by 2025.

But more than just an enormously profitable and rapidly growing industry, it’s also an unlikely teacher of life lessons.

While some individuals are undoubtedly sceptical about the role of video games in any other area of life other than actual gaming and entertainment for leisure, video games really can teach us much about life itself.

From team-building exercises to developing an individual’s motor skills, below are just some important life lessons to be learnt from video games.

There’s Supposed To Be Obstacles

Because of the rewards that await, life is supposed to be challenging and full of obstacles.

The video games industry teaches us that we’re bound to encounter obstacles and challenges – not to mention enemies – along the way. Precisely this same scenario, one so often found in a video game, applies to real-life too: obstacles contribute to our growth as human beings in the same way they develop our in-game skills.

Video games teach us this: the only way out, is through.

Small Steps Count

When an individual immerses him- or herself in a video game, a remarkable thing happens. Instead of growing despondent or demotivated when presented with an obstacle, they tend to few these as opportunities to reach “that next level”.

According to research, human beings tend to become easily hooked on that special feeling that happens whenever small steps are taken towards a desired outcome or goal.

This is true for video games as well as real-life. Games teach us the value of taking several small steps and ultimately achieving our dreams and goals as opposed to viewing every anthill as if it were an insurmountable mountain.

Game Over Is Seldom Final

When playing a video game, “game over” doesn’t mean you never get to play – or try – again. So too is life.

Missing out on one opportunity seldom means there won’t be more, just like the Lucky Creek bonus codes. There’s usually the option of starting over when we’ve messed up. Just like the reality of a character in a video game, for human beings navigating the joys and woes of real life, there’s always another chance to do things differently.

Video Games Teach Us Teamwork

When playing video games as part of a team, we get to learn how to avoid living just for “self”.

Instead of trying to do it all on our own, playing in a team teaches us to look out for others and realise that a chain is only ever as strong or tenacious as its weakest link.

In short: video games teach us to be better humans.

They Teach Us Self-Control

When playing a video game, a player has full control of how their character responds to different situations. Without input or “control” from the player, the character will not budge as much as an inch.

This is true also of life. In order to make progress, we must first decide on a certain course of action before setting out arms and legs and bodies into motion. Video games teach us self-control, and that without a decision and action, there will be no movement.