When Will My New Car Need Its First MOT?

After buying a new car, its safety on the roads shouldn’t be something to immediately worry about. It is sensible to assume your new car is safe and ready to drive. However, to maintain safety for yourself, your fellow passengers and others around you, it is crucial to take an MOT when it is one year old.

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MOT tests are a government requirement and a responsibility of car ownership. It is an important test to check that your car meets road standards and is safe to drive. Depending on the type of vehicle, it will be subject to different types of tests. MOT tests examine the electronics and mechanics of your car and can be done quickly. They usually take between 30 minutes to one hour and must be taken at official MOT testing centres.

How Often Does My Car Need an MOT?

Although your new car may need an MOT when it is a year old, if it is more than three years old, an MOT will need to be taken on the same day as the last one. If your car is brand new and has never undergone an MOT before, you can check the date your vehicle was registered to easily book a test.

It is easy to check when your car needs a first MOT by checking the MOT status. This can be done by checking your registration date and is normally found in the V5C form or car logbook. If you discover your car is out of date whilst driving, it may be handy to use chevron kits. Chevron kits are a valuable tool and provide safe vehicle markings for you and your passengers on the road. Various companies supply vehicle chevron kits.

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What If My Car Doesn’t Have a Valid MOT?

If your car doesn’t have an up-to-date MOT, you could be fined £1,000 for driving it. Both financially and for the safety of yourself and others around you, you shouldn’t drive your car without a valid MOT.

Not to worry, though – there are several exceptions to this hefty fine! If you are driving your car to the MOT test, or if you are driving your car to the garage for essential repairs, then it will be exempt.