How to select the right office furniture

In the 21st century, it is essential to create the right office vibe to increase not just productivity, but creativity. Gone are the days of stuffy, cluttered and dimly lit offices. Offices need to be well lit, spacious and have an inspirational vibe.

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To achieve this, select the right office furniture to help create a work conducive and creative environment which is essential to get the best out of employees.

Apart from considering aspects of ergonomics and health and safety, (please see for more information), aesthetic and creative factors should also be considered as these have the ability to inspire, increase creativity and productivity in employees.

Below is a list of considerations to bear in mind when selecting office furniture

1. Office Size

Think about the size of the space you have and the type of ambiance you wish to create to get the best creativity and productivity out of your staff. The office size and space will determine the type of ergonomic desk and operator chair you buy.

2. Lighting

A well-lit office not only creates the right environment and ambiance but is essential for optical reasons. Positioning the operator chairs and desks in the right way is crucial to prevent glare from windows that can bounce light off PCs, causing headaches and eyestrain.

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3. Ergonomic desks

Having an ergonomic standing or sitting desk is a must-have when selecting office furniture. There is a range of options to choose from, but they should be adjustable and give the employee the option of sitting and standing to help fight off aches, pains and the unhealthy side effects of prolonged sitting. So ergonomic design is a real must in any work environment.

4. Operator chair

Whilst there is a range of chairs to choose from, getting the right type of chair is crucial for your employee’s well-being. Ergonomic chairs are adjustable and support your back, shoulders, and arms, preventing back pain, stiff neck, and shoulders, ensuring a happier workforce.

5. Footrest

This is important for shorter people to give them something to put their feet on if their feet do not touch the ground and the desk and chair are not adjustable. In cases where employees sit for a long time, footrests prevent foot pain or swelling by creating a rocking motion which helps improve blood circulation and muscle tone.