What to Do With College Cap and Gown After Graduation

After graduating, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to do with your old college cap and gown and many more graduation products. There are several possible options, including donating, recycling, and passing them on to friends. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do with your old graduation garb. The following are some options you might consider. Let us help you decide! Let us know what option you come up with to dispose of your old graduation garb.


Reusing your college cap and gown after graduation can be a sentimental keepsake. It can be an original way to commemorate your achievement or part of a scrapbook. Many schools are starting programs to encourage the reuse of cap and gowns. These programs may be for monetary or environmental reasons, but they also save storage space.

The Goodwill Industries of West Michigan is an example of a school promoting green graduation. Their goal is to recover one million graduation gowns by 2015! The Goodwill organization has partnered with schools like Aquinas College, Berea College, and the Kendall School of Art and Design to promote green graduations. Other organizations involved in this effort include the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Susan G. Komen of West Michigan, and the University of Louisville.


Donating your college cap and gown after graduation is a great way to support your school while keeping it out of the landfill. Every year, more than five million college graduation caps and gowns end up in landfills. Instead of letting them pile up, consider donating them to a local school, thrift store, theater, drama club, or other non-profit organization. Graduation is a fun time for a new outfit, so why not reuse it?

One project that has become a nationwide movement is the Graduation Gown Lending Project, an effort to collect college graduation gowns. The Swigler family plans to lend these gowns to local students in need. They will be emblazoned with the student’s name and the words “Never Give Up, No Matter What” on them. After their son, Colin, a senior in the University of Iowa, dug up his 2003 cap, the Swigler family came up with the idea.


Instead of throwing away your college cap and gown after graduation, repurpose it into something new. Many gowns end up in landfills after being used only once. In fact, Earth911 estimates that five million gowns are thrown away each year. Old graduation gowns make excellent costumes for children or teens, and they can be donated to thrift stores, theaters, or drama clubs. If you don’t have plans to wear it again, consider selling it on sale sites.

Another great way to reuse your college cap and gown is to make Halloween costumes from it. After graduating, you can even turn your cap and gown into a Batman costume or a Harry Potter-inspired Wizard. You can even get creative with it! The possibilities are endless. You can even give it away to future classmates who might be interested in reusing it. This is a great way to preserve a memory of an important accomplishment and save space at the same time.

Pass on

Many people keep their old college cap and gown after graduation, even after they have graduated. However, these gowns aren’t necessarily worth throwing away. According to Earth911, five million gowns end up in landfills every year. Instead of throwing your old cap and gown away, consider finding a new home for it. You can find a new home for it at a thrift store, school, or theater.

You can also opt to rent a cap and gown. Some schools offer this service as part of their graduation ceremonies. Rather than ordering a new set each year, some colleges rent out the gowns. These gowns can be passed on or donated to charity. However, you may want to consider passing your cap and gown on to a friend or family member after graduation. A green college graduation will also help the environment.