A bridesmaid role at the wedding is very important

Traditionally, a bridesmaid is there to support the bride. Bridesmaids can have many roles depending on how involved the bride wishes them to be.

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Here are some of things traditionally asked of bridesmaids:

Planning the wedding

Bridesmaids may be asked to help plan the wedding. This could be anything from helping to choose the dress to planning the big day, from the logistics to the wedding favours. Helping a bride with her dress is normally expected – both choosing it and helping the bride with it on the wedding day. The bride may also want help with administrative tasks, such as RSVPs; menu planning; and crafty things, such as wedding favours for the Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue which they probably booked through a site like hatton-court.co.uk. This is so important to connect all the other sections of the wedding together.  This needs to be done as early as possible so you cn do invitation and send them to all the people you want to come.  The tasks involved will depend on the bridesmaids’ skill sets.

Hen party

The bridesmaids traditionally organise the hen party, including the venue and the guest list. They could be asked to come up with some party games or organise the outfits and accessories needed, such as sashes. Paying for these is something that should be discussed in advance to avoid any awkwardness; however, the participants traditionally cover the cost of the bride.

Paying for the bridesmaids’ dresses

Increasingly, bridesmaids may be asked to pay for their own dresses and sometimes their own shoes; in addition, they will be expected to contribute towards the hen party. This can be an expensive honour to have; therefore, all upfront costs should be agreed before accepting the role.

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Attending planning meetings and rehearsals

Bridesmaids may be asked to help plan the wedding and will certainly be asked to attend any rehearsals.

Assisting the bride on the day

On the morning of the wedding, the bridesmaids may be assisting the bride, helping her to get ready and assisting her with her dress. The bridesmaids traditionally travel to the venue with the bride and are increasingly making emergency kits for the day, including tissues for the tears! They may be asked to welcome guests in the receiving line and it goes without saying that a bridesmaid should be the life and soul of the reception!