Trends from the past in web design 

You might think that once you have a great digital marketing strategy in place, working in conjunction with a professional website of course, you can afford to sit back and rest on your laurels for a while. But before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, you might like to stop and consider the fluid state of the internet.   Also, consider your logo and imagery on the site which Branding Agency Really Helpful Marketing can help you with if you so choose.

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Technology that doesn’t stand still

The internet has come a long, long way since its inception, and even as you read this there are clever boffins working away to create the Next Big Thing in the digital revolution. We’ve seen dial-up internet replaced by almost universal wi-fi, the desktop computer superseded by ever smaller mobile devices and now there is a boom in the production of Smart Watches. We may not know where we are heading with technology, but we certainly aren’t standing still!

The constant changes to the devices we use to connect to the internet are also driving trends in web design. When desktops and wide-screen laptops were all the rage web designers often tried to keep scrolling to a minimum, since the large screen size allowed plenty of room for text and graphics – and scrolling down was considered a little too much like hard work. Nowadays the massive popularity of smartphones and tablets has seen a corresponding rise in the long-scrolling page, which allows access to more information with a swipe of the fingertip.

The hottest trends

The Next Web predicts that longer-scrolling sites will be the key trend in the coming months, closely followed by interactive designs that allow the user to engage more fully than ever before with websites. Narrative arcs are apparently going to be appearing soon on our devices, complete with ‘ghost’ buttons that don’t interfere with what we are viewing, yet make moving on easily accessible.

Creative Bloq suggests that the single hottest new trend will be huge background images allied with an emphasis on typography. Also making waves In the web design world is parallax scrolling – where the background and foreground scroll at slightly different rates, creating an imaginative 3D effect that is particularly engaging when done well. To help with any picture effects you could contact a branding agency to get the best advice.
Of course, not every website needs to incorporate every new trend, but some of them are particularly important across the board. One of the biggest new trends that all website owners should be embracing as soon as possible is ‘responsive web design’. In essence, it means that the website assesses the device and platform on which it is to be displayed and reconfigures itself accordingly. This ensures a seamless display for all users and is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

You’re going to need professional assistance to keep your site up to scratch, but don’t worry that you’ll have to fork out London prices to keep ahead of your competitors.

Never consider that your website is finished though. Keeping pace with the changes in technology will ensure continued customer satisfaction and keep your business afloat in the months and years to come.

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