Web trends you need to know about

2019  is in full swing and new web trends continue to emerge, shaping the digital narrative and defining the features that users expect to see on the sites they visit.

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Staying on top of these trends can mean the difference between online success and a journey into increasing obscurity, so read on to learn about the most important movements of the moment.


Showcasing content in a way that is layered, with multiple segments overlapping to create a cohesive whole, is an enduring and powerful tool for site design that is wholly relevant in 2019.  The trick is not just to stack content without purpose, but to arrange it in a way that allows each element to stand out effectively.  To get the best advice you will probably want to ask a professional London SEO services company that can help you think about the type of content you need and where that content should be posted.
For example, the proper use of text, mounted above multimedia elements and textures, helps to focus the visitor’s attention without everything feeling too cluttered. Companies like elevate uk provide professional seo services in london so you don’t have to worry about negative feedback on your webpage.


While outlandish hues and pastel colours have been dominant in previous years, 2019 is a time for naturalistic shades to shine out once again. From leafy greens to stony greys, the defining aesthetic of the year is one which takes a more realistic approach, which you might want to reflect in your website design decisions.

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Bold Navigation Designs

The rise of smartphone browsing trends has encouraged sites to adopt bigger, bolder interfaces that are more legible on smaller screens and easier to interact with by touch, rather than keyboard and mouse. This will kick into the next gear over the course of the year, with so-called ‘meganav’ elements allowing the entire screen space to be dominated by menus, rather than relegating important interactive links to fiddly sidebars.


The fashion for gradients seems to be cyclical, and in 2019 this type of colour styling is very much en vogue. Branding, logos and backgrounds which avoid solid colours gained traction last year and are influential at the moment, both online and off.

Font Choices

The fonts you choose for your site can play an important role in determining the overall aesthetic impact, and this year the return of Serif fonts to the forefront of the industry has been set in stone, helped in part by the rise of 80s nostalgia pieces in other parts of the media.