Brighten up your home with Flooring and furnishings

Spring might still feel like a long time away, but now is the perfect time to come up with ideas on how to transform a room from a dull and tired look to a vibrant and fresh scheme.

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Be bold

Take the plunge and choose a bright and bold color scheme that will lift your mood and really blow the cobwebs away. If you do not want to re-paint your walls, why not choose to revamp a dreary room by using vibrant homeware and accessories?

If you are looking to replace your sofa or armchairs, why not go for a funky style in a bright color? If you simply want to jazz up your existing three-piece suite, add a few new cushions in a variety of patterns and materials to completely transform how they look.

Florals and pink tones are an ideal choice for getting a spring look, and these can be brought in with new curtains or blinds. Be careful to choose a pattern you will not tire of too quickly as window dressings are expensive. If you are dressing your windows why not ask a specialist Double Glazing in Gloucester company found at to come in and get them looked at to make sure they are up to scratch.  Windows that are not properly sealed can let out warmth which can cost you money in the long run.

Fantastic flooring

Give thought to your floor because it can make or break a room. Banish dusty, old carpets. If your budget allows, go for beautiful solid wood flooring. Nothing beats real wood for creating a natural look, with the wood adding a depth of color to enhance any scheme. Look at the styles and shades on offer. A statement rug can be used to add a touch of interest to your floor and add even more warmth.

Storage solutions

We all accumulate clutter, so when you’re designing your new room, think about using storage in a clever way. The Independent suggests clever storage can help create the illusion of more space.

Little details

When you’ve completed your walls, flooring, and furniture, give some thought to the finishing touches, such as beautiful accessories and stylish lighting. You may want to replace your light switches if they are looking tired, using polished chrome for a smart look. As a final detail, pick a piece of art that ties the whole scheme together and adds even more interest and use scented candles to create a room that looks and smells fresh.