Watch out for these Celebrity beards

Beards are back and a number of celebrities are responsible for bringing facial hair into fashion. From slightly bestubbled cheeks and chins to full beards complete with mustaches, some of the world’s favorite male celebrities have embraced the no-shave rule.

George Clooney and Ben Affleck are largely credited with making beards trendy again. Both actors ooze sex appeal, whether sporting designer stubble or a full salt and pepper beard. Apart from these two actors, there are several other celebrities who have been seen embracing the beard trend and these four are the ones to watch this year:

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David Beckham

David has been named the world’s sexiest man and is something of a style chameleon, changing his look dramatically over the years. He has sported a number of different styles of beard. He tried out the fuller, thicker hipster; however, rumour has it that wife Victoria was not a fan and refused to kiss him until he shaved it off. David’s beard could well make an appearance again in 2019 and we will have to wait and see whether he grows it out or keeps it short and sweet.

Joe Manganiello

Having played a werewolf on TV, Joe has certainly looked the part and veers between a close, cropped look and one that is more wild and wolf-like.  For his wedding to Sophia Vergara, Joe cropped his beard short and sported a trimmed mustache; however, as 2019 unfolds, we could well see a reappearance of the wilder look.  To keep an eye on what happens tune in to your television and make sure your signal is working correctly.  Maybe to be safe get a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company found at sites like to come around to check any faults so you don’t miss a second of your show.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley recently graduated from a rather scruffy goatee to a fuller beard, which gave him a less polished, more rough-and-ready look. At times he looked a little in need of a beard conditioner although it seems he recently shaved it all off and started again. In 2019 we will see whether he stays wild and woolly or goes back to clean-shaven.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh has sported some seriously impressive beards and sideburns in recent years, and when reprising his role as Wolverine he cultivated a fearsome face of fuzz. In 2019 we will have to keep a close eye on whether Hugh keeps his current cropped beard or goes back to his superhero look, even when not playing the part.